Photographers take notes. There are three new photo contests  on Lenzr to help beat the winter blues. These challenges will give shutterbugs something to do in the cold winter months of November and December. ALL three challenges celebrate the green abode and tropical environs of Mother Nature.

Medicinal Plants in Nature harvests botanical photography.

Medicinal Plants in Nature

Lenzr members (and you have to be a member to upload a photo) are asked to document each plant’s medical properties. The winner of the contest will be both a scientist and an artist and someone with an eye for natural beauty.

Lenzr hopes to make a photo journal indexing pictures of specific healing plants and their flower blossoms, helpful roots and tubers and moss and mushrooms and tree gum, anything with medicinal properties is welcome in this contest.

There are six different Neal’s Yard Remedies , each formulated primarily from botanical ingredients are available as prize.  Sponsored by Ontario best natural medicine clinic

There is more information about this prize and Wellpath Clinic on the Lenzr Blog dated November 15th 2009.

the member that uploads the highest rated photo WINS Yarrow & Comfrey Moisturizer, and White Tea Eye Gel, Orange Flower Facial Wash, Geranium & Orange Body Butter Rosewater Toner, Orange Flower Facial Oil,  for a total retail value of $330.00* all prizes subject to availability

Ontario Tourist attractions 2Ontario Tourist Attractions 2 photo contest is all about Ontario and the places you think visitors might enjoying seeing themselves, in addition to seeing your photos. The Lenzr members are asked to present the most interesting travel destinations they have ever experienced. available to travelers, again.  Kanetix which specializes in delivering the lowest car insurance quotes is well suited to host the challenge.  It fits with their mandate of  keeping people happy by cutting out a huge chunk of their future vacation costs.
The people of Ontario like to explore the beaches outside historic forst and classic architecture that really defines our province. The lakes and waterfalls and battlefield museums and boardwalks attract millions of visitors each year.  Locaboires are the people who insist on vacationing close to home and eat locally produced foods and drink beverages that are made within a hundred mile radius of their homes.  For most Torontonians this includes the wines of Eastern Ontario.
These folks are  catching online the imaginations of many migrant but responsible pleasure seekers and Locaboires. Eco tourism is finally becoming more popular and at Lenzr we love to see people picking up liter and trash along the beaches and while hiking in the woods.
The winner of this contest is the member that uploads the top rated image January 1st 2010 and he or she will receive a prize of $300 American Express gift certificate.
Macro photos of Life photo contest on Lenzr Macro Photos of Life contest will magnify small life forms into horrifying creatures – larger than life.
Sponsored by an advanced Toronto Ontario Canada mobile app developer this company makes a device called ShrinkRay that is a powerful tool to port websites into effective mobile browser tour This Device Management System (DMS) and an application toolkit makes very effective web 2.0 widgets that can be customized to suit any marketing budget or mandate.

The Prize is a free deluxe Locaboire Prince Edward Co. in Eastern Ontario wine tour travel package for two adults and includes two meals and one night in a famous Brighton Ontario b&b

CONTEST ENDS Jan 1st 2010 contest open to all Canadians except the residents of Quebec

Got a complaint or compliment? Visit the official Canadian customer service complaints website,!

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