Interested to see if many of you business owners use a ventrilo server within your company? What are the disadvantages/advantages of using them? What is the best server to use and the best company?

Lately and especially during the summer holidays those new business owners tend to want to take a lot of days off, but can’t because it is a new business and they need to keep improving the company. Today I was doing my daily searches through Google and came across a Toronto leadership coach where they actually can have phone to phone conversations, email to email conversations or face to face meetings by coaching the business owner how to improve there work and also having to do less work especially on the holidays we want off.

When you first gave birth to your child and the first couple of weeks were basically deadly, what did you do to cope? I know many people that have this issue where there husbands were out working all the time to get some extra cash while you were stuck at home left to do everything. Now that can get out of hand. Have you ever heard of doula services where someone can come to your house the first weeks of the baby being at home to help around the house? Well, this is a perfect solution for a lot of stay at home moms. Not only having a clean, safe and secure house, but the mom gets a break from time to time.

Most of the companies that I have worked for in the past have normally kept there work area pretty together. Not many papers flying around or garbage surrounding the desk areas or cords tangled every where, but recently I applied for this business telecommunication company and I went into the office the other day. Let me tell you what a disaster this really was. The interview went great, I expected I was going to get the job, but the one thing I observed and basically could not help myself was the disaster of how the jungle of phone cords were presented. I thought this was a huge hazard to all the people that work there.

I tend to go on a YouTube frenzy about once a week and I came across this video that reminded me a lot like how the company has there work area.

I did consider working for them because the benefits were awesome and I would not have to be on call anymore, but the whole mess they had turned me right off. Do you think I was wrong in turning down this job? Should I contact someone or leave it alone?

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Bingo Reviews Site

Bingo Reviews is an online community that allows you to submit other bingo sites, review and rate them. You can also play bingo for free.

Lately many people have been to busy working the week days and weekends to even consider taking a picture of things they pass through the day, but I know that many photographers – it is their life to capture almost everything that catches their eye. And Lenzr is asking all you photo lovers that do have time in the day to submit their works of art to win these outstanding prizes. Now who could go wrong with that? Do you have some old photo’s that would be perfect for one of the Lenzr photo contests? Or maybe take some new ones and you could be the winner; that is if you get all your family & friends to vote and comment on your picture to get the highest ranking.

Lenzr is getting way to generous for the month of June.

Over 50 magazine sponsors over 50 lbs of dark chocolate

50 Going On 15 is the 15th contest on Lenzr and we are demanding to see venturesome 50 year old’s acting like they never have before. We want them crowd surfing, yelling/screaming at the top of their lungs while making a funny face or doing flips off a diving board. Capture these young acting, almost white haired folks expressing a feeling you may have never seen them do before; we want wild, we want fun and most of all we want to laugh. The contest is sponsored by this over 50 magazine located in Toronto that is crowning the winner over 50 lbs  of dark chocolate which is provided by this delightful Toronto chocolate company located at 573 Eglinton Ave west. Ugh, thinking about all that chocolate makes me sick, but we know most 50 year old’s have a sweet tooth.

Web Development Toronto company sponsors a Blackberry

Crowded Places is the 16th contest on Lenzr and we are excited to have a dozen more photo’s of all those god awful crowds. We want to see anything from a swarm of fish, people at a bus station during rush hour, people at amusement parks or fans at a football game. We all hate crowds, but I assure you we have many pictures of them. The contest is sponsored by a Web Development Toronto company that does full service Web, Media Design, Application Development and Internet Marketing – they develop search engine friendly websites that gain traffic to your website. They are happy to give the winner with the highest ranked photograph a Blackberry Curve. Now how could you not take pictures?

Portable Toilet Rentals company sponsors a trip to Las Vegas

Portable Luxury is the 17th contest on Lenzr and we are asking you to take pictures of what you store in your pockets, purses or knapsacks on an every day basis. We know all ladies carry their so called ‘life’ a.k.a ‘purse’ around day in & day out and we want to see what is so meaningful to carry in that 10 pound bag that is important to you. Now boys on the other hand have a little less to carry around unless it is their school bag, but we are still curious to see what mess you have piled up in your knapsack. Start snapping, people at Lenzr are nosy. The contest is sponsored by aportable toilet rentals business that is open for all of Southern Ontario. Need a powder room for an upcoming event? These are your guys. They are offering the winner the best prize yet on Lenzr; a trip for 2 to Las Vegas. That sounds wild and generous to me.

Each contest end July 1st at 12:01 A.M. The person with the highest ranked photograph at the end of the contest will win the prize.

Globalization and Technology Are Changing Canadian Classrooms

Properly funded, the private schools in Ontario are leading the way, and leaving our public sector far behind…

Students at St Andrew's College in Ontario discuss Plato's Republic with laptops open to record notesA recent article on Lilith Galleries Technology eZine, Five Reasons Why Private Schools Will Produce Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders nicely summarizes how Ontario private schools have adopted high tech gadgets as educational tools.

St. Andrew’s College in Aurora Ontario has adopted the Fujitsu LifeBook® T5010 Tablet PC as in integral part of this year’s teaching design…  Last fall, the school purchased over 700 LifeBooks for of all of their students and faculty. Prior to that, students were using laptops, and there is a big difference, primarily in the interface. The lifebooks allow students to sketch and do geometry on their systems – completely obsoleting paper notebooks!

But more than just the equipment – which in most Ontario private schools is usually less than two years old, it’s a well funded faculty’s willingness to experiment with innovation. And this same spirit of adoption is communicated to the students

At St. Andrew’s College, one of Canada’s oldest all-boys boarding and day schools, a dictum known as the three-minute rule is strictly enforced. This rule does not apply to students, but to technology—any device that is not capable of performing promptly to expectation will be removed from the classroom. “The teacher has to be able to get the class up and running in three minutes,” explains Steve Rush, SAC’s Director of Technology. “The technology— projectors, network access—cannot be getting in the way of that, or it’s taking away from their instructional time, and teachers are going to abandon it.”

Faculty checks Fujitsu lifebook for homework at St. Andrew's College

Globalization is bringing students from every part of the world to study here,  in Ontario Canada.  Over seventy percent of foreign students under the age of eighteen are enrolled in private schools.  The other thirty percent are exchange programs between public schools. Without exception, the students from abroad bring new ideas and add flavour to the classroom.

Private schools have always been famous for building camaraderie – esp boarding schools where the students exist in a life community.  Social networks are making those bonds even more powerful, and rewarding.  Online social tools like instant messenger and bulletin boards have also increased and streamlined student / teacher interactions.

For a lot of different reasons, Ontario private schools are best equipped to create the most innovative minds of the future.

Lenzr is extremely busy for the next two months with four new contests. Their is only 39 days left to get your pictures uploaded. All you have to do is upload photographs into the proper contest and you can win amazing prizes. And it is free. You do not even have to post pictures you can simply just browse all the contests and rank the pictures you think should win.

Toronto Party Rentals Company Sponsors Backyard Party Events Contest

Backyard Party Events is the first contest on Lenzr and it is sponsored by a Toronto party rentals company located on 185 Eastern Ave. Are you one of those people that throw crazy backyard parties and have a thousand pictures to prove to us? Send them in.

Your photograph could possibly win the 10×10 Pop up tent and the $500 Gift Certificate from the company. Who are those people anyway who says you can’t throw parties in the winter? You want those votes? Get snapping.

Geothermal Installation Company Looks Out For Photos On Lenzr

Fire and Ice is the second contest on Lenzr this month and is sponsored by a geothermal installation company that is located in Cambridge Ontario. Don’t you just love fire and ice? Do you take pictures of outstanding shots of glazing fire or melting ice? Now is your chance to prove your skills to us on Lenzr.

If your picture ranks the highest at the end of the contest you will win a GeoAir PCO Air Purifier, possibly one of the most advanced air purifying technology in today’s society. As a Canadian Bentourage knows everyone has at least one or two pictures of fire and ice.

In Lenzr Contest Toronto Grass Cutting Company Asks ‘How Green Are You?’

How Green Are You? being the third contest on Lenzr is sponsored by a grass cutting business in Toronto, Ontario. With the economy today trying its hardest to go ‘green‘ Lenzr expects to see some outstanding shots of people recycling, using energy saving electronics or anything from people car pooling to save gas.

If your picture wins this contest you will get a Neuton CE 6 Battery-Powered Mower with DURACELL® battery technology. With no gas or no oil needed, all you need is a battery. Now that is something everyone could use and would just love to have.

This Photo Contest, Obsolete Office Equipment Will Be A Challenge For This Business Phones Company

Obsolete Office Equipment is the forth contest for the two months that is left and is sponsored by a business phones equipment provider that designs office communication systems. This contest will be a challenge indeed, but we hope to see some incredible pictures of old school equipment that we may not even know existed.

The prize for winning this contest will be a four line office telephone AT&T Model 1070. That includes Caller ID, Page, Intercom, Call transfer, Expandable to 16 stations, 32 # speed dial, 3 party conference, 6 number redial. If you run a business this phone would be just perfect for you.

All four contests end on May 1st, 2010 at 12:01 A.M. Get posting to get the votes you want to win those prizes.

Of course, we here at Bentourage enjoy Do Over Day once a year, on Feb 26th

The annual occasion is one in which Canadians can take back a moment or re live an emotional response to whatever they most regret or dwell on in their lives.  The event can be positive uplifting experience or a chance to repave neurons or you could use the time to turn something negative into something positive.  What I’m saying is the opportunity exists on that particular day to digest an emotional crumb, and pass it clean through your system.

Do Over Day is a new holiday in Canada

The Do Over Day website is choke full of tips, tactics, videos and amusing e-cards to help you on your journey.

Do you know how many people regret not taking a moment to chat with an attractive stranger. So many folks listed this example as the prime missed opportunity of 2009. This believe it or not is one of the things most people wish they could do over? I don’t know either – you will have to visit the site to get more information on that subject. Here are some amusing holiday cards.

Do Over Day national holiday e-cards

Three new photo contests on Lenzr end March 1st 2010, and the prizes have never been better. If you are a photographer living in Canada you really must investigate and explore the possibility of winning a prize or even getting more eyeballs on your images by using the link in your profile to send traffic back to your own professional website.

Bentourage Readers, and casual surfers who may happen across this domain, its time for a middle of February 2010 update.

In recent news, Rob Campbell of Smojoe social media spoke again on the subject of Story Funnels to Buckstops at The Spoke Club in Toronto, 600 King St West, on Tuesday Feb 2nd and there are more details on the City Events website about that upscale evening.

The Wine Ladies write and publish a great wine blog. They are sponsoring a photo contest on Lenzr and collecting material for their wine blog. The prize package is going to be an VIP tour of eastern Ontario wineries and breweries alongside these two charismatic content creators.

Deb Lewis has her own blog now, and this is surely the best place to glimpse Toronto’s most efficient independent event marketer and most reliable events coordinator, party planner and brand marketer.  She now calls herself the ‘chief experience officer’ at City Events, and its true and behold she is indeed a fascinating and beautiful creature.

This month on Lenzr,

Kids in Action photo contest on Lenzr sponosred by Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer

A  Toronto dentist is using Lenzr custom photo contest buzz marketing to bridge the gap between kids in action and healthy teeth.  The Kids in Action contest gives shutterbugs lots of creative license. When I look at that contest plate picture I wonder if that boy is about to trip over his skateboard and fall hard and gash open his gums  or chip or damage his two front incissors… NiteWhite teeth whitening Toronto dentist I’m sure the photo contest doesn’t want to see photos of ugly braces, or tooth decay or gum disease or baby teeth coming in backwards or anything like that … just submit photos of young people in action.

The prize in this challenge is a premier high quality teeth whitening kit called Nite White, and it’s an advanced enamel bleaching product that’s only available at a dentist’s office.

S.E. Telecom sponsors Everyday Tangled Web, photo contest on LenzrThe photo contest Everyday Tangled Web is organized to highlight the trip hazards and tangles that we  create and use everyday. This has become a heated competition with several excellent photos competing for top position in the index.

Sponsored entirely by an office phone system installer in Toronto Ontario, the competition yields a wireless headset as prize.

Lenzr prize, Plantronics Voyager, wireless headset, blue tooth

The January Feb photo contests on Lenzr will END march 1st 2010.  The contests are open to all Canadians (excluding Quebec sorry) and anyone 12yrs old and younger.

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