Everyone is or at least has had stress throughout their lives and it can really play a negative roll throughout our daily lives. While stress is known as a natural survival mechanism that is technically their to protect us, clinically speaking, whenever you feel stressed your brain is actually coordinating a specific and graded whole body response. With that said stress can cause anything from tension, headaches, exhaustion, irritability and increase your heart rate. There are of course multiple options to help you deal with stress day by day, but most importantly, there are many ways to get rid of that stress naturally.

Eating healthy is a great way to reduce your stress and simple things too like eating breakfast, having regular water intake – are all things that can help you feel better quickly. Things that can actually increase our stress levels are junk food, alcohol and caffeine and are usually what most people turn to when they are under stress. If you follow healthy recipes, eat foods that are good for you it will have a very positive affect on your mood. If you are having a hard time deciding on what foods you should be consuming there are plenty of magazines, books, tutorials or even a Toronto naturopathic doctor that would be happy to help you get on the right track to be stress free. You may even be surprised that certain vitamins and nutrients are all effective in combating your stress levels. Take for example, Vitamin C specifically reduces your stress hormones, Magnesium will help decrease headaches and exhaustion and Vitamin E will help keep your immune system strong. Now if you find yourself having difficulties getting some of these nutrients in your daily diet, you can always consider taking supplements to get the exact amount you need.

Colour can also influence your mood and can affect your emotions very differently. For example, the colour yellow evokes the feeling of happiness – so if you are one of multiple people that feel happier on a sunny day, you might understand this. Now black tends to evoke the feeling of sadness or depression – if you notice high levels of stress you might want to consider changing the colours around you or even the clothes you are wearing. Redecorate your office space, home or car with light greens, pinks or yellows.

Herbs may help you reduce your levels of stress also. Many people find that herbal remedies are very soothing – so make sure you get plenty of sleep, provide yourself with new and exciting experiences. Consider a new hobby, learning a new type of trade or begin a fitness program. Exercise is another great way to boost your mood and leaving you feeling great overall.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to maintain your own well-being because well simply you are the most important person in your life. If your life is not exactly in order, physically and emotionally, you really cannot help others with their needs. Try to have a relaxed attitude and maintain a positive outlook on life – You will begin to feel much better and others will actually start to notice the changes in you almost immediately.

With the new astonishing website creation tools and software these days it seems that developing a website could be quite simple, but really the fact remains that creating a professional looking website, will take a lot of experience. Regardless of you wanting to develop a website, a Toronto web design firm has all the knowledge, understanding and a wide variety of professional services that your company needs to make your website stand out from the rest. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of reasons why you should hire a Toronto web design firm, but below are the ten main reasons why you should.

  1. Credibility is one of the most important factors when converting visitors to your website to customers or at least regular users. Now with a poorly designed website, it will make fewer visitors to use, download or purchase your products or services. With a professional designed website, it will give your visitors the impression that you are a well established and professional organization. Trust is extremely important especially coming from a business perspective and with a well designed website; it will make your company seem trustworthy.
  2. Your reputation is online for the world to see and having a professional looking website will attract many customers. People often relate the quality of a company’s services with the quality of their website. So, if your website is poorly designed, the visitor will most likely go elsewhere for their services because they have doubts of your professionalism.
  3. Website security is another great feature that a Toronto web design firm can offer and not just for your business, but for your visitors as well.
  4. Multiple web design firms will have professional content writers to develop content for your website that will not only appeal to your users, but will also help with the Search Engines.
  5. Creating a pleasing website with proper colour use are probably are important to the success of any website and with a Toronto web design firm, they have designers who are specifically trained for web design. Hiring a Toronto web design firm is perfect for creating that unique brand of your site and can really distinguish you from your competitors.
  6. With the search engines, it is an important key to success of getting ranked high regardless of what type of website you are going for. Toronto web design companies either classify themselves as a Toronto marketing firm also which is perfect because it is a one stop shop for you or they know how to properly optimize your website for the search engines.
  7. Time is money and that is one of the important reasons as to why you should use a Toronto web design firm to develop your website. Time is usually lost when you build your own website and your time could be used a lot better, so leave it to the experts. When you hire a Toronto web design firm, it means that your website will not only look good, but it will be built quickly, professional and will allow you time in certain areas of your business that need to be worked on.
  8. Most Toronto web design firms have a network of professionals within the industry which means they can make sure that your business has the best hosts, servers and related services in your business.
  9. Many professional web designers know exactly how to create web pages that are professional and easy to navigate – if your site looks good, but is hard to use, you will most likely lose your visitors.
  10. Reliability is of course extremely important and with a Toronto web design firm, they will carefully test each and every page of your website to ensure that they all are stable and work as designed. They will make sure that your website is completely glitch free and functional before anything goes live. Having a broken website will irritate all your customers and prevent them from using your services..it sure is a business killer!

The term build a resume is used for a good reason because it is basically the same idea as building a home or any structure for that matter – you start with an idea, followed by the idea is writing out the design, starting with a small piece, add other help to receive feedback and finally end up with a strong structure.

And that is exactly the same way you would build a resume. You have your first concept where you build your resume, put it on paper as if it was an architectural design and then start to build a resume one detail at a time. You need to put as much time, energy, attention to the details of your resume and focus as you would with a term paper you write before exams.


When you are building your resume, you always start with a heading. Your name, address, phone number(s) and email address is the first thing the employer should see.

If you are expecting to graduate from college shortly, you will want to keep in mind when you are building your resume that these employers will view your resume once you have graduated. Be sure to include subsequent contact information indicating the dates of each. Your resume heading should be centered, larger and bolder than the body of the resume.

Keep in mind to choose an appropriate email address, something that is professional. If you have a personal website, you could include this in your resume, but if it is not professional, I would not recommend doing so.


The next steps into building your resume is the objective. The objective is one part of your resume that should change with every job application. Take for example, you would not want to explain your dreams or life’s philosophy, you would want to be quite specific what your career goals are. Rather than stating that you seek a professional position with advanced opportunities you should say you are seeking a reporting position or a staff accounting position – be more specific.

The main ingredients you will want to include in your resume are of course your work history and education. First you want to include your experience in the job you are applying for starting with the most recent. Of course you will not want to list all of your past jobs because for most they have had over 20, just include jobs in the past 10 years.

Now that you built your resume like you would a home, it is time to receive feedback from it. At times friends and family can help you, but I recommend choosing someone with a little more experience in resume building. There is a professional resume service almost everywhere that can help you build that perfect resume and get you a job in no time.

Are you a host for a TV show about an Ontario microFit program or a sales person that pitches ‘why rigid foam insulation should be in your home’ to your clients? Maybe you are a marriage counsellor or a worker that studies manufacturing software, my point I am trying to get across is do you really love your job? do you want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else? If you answered no to at least one of those questions, maybe it is time to start thinking outside the box!

Would you like to retire before you are 60 or allow your children to go to any university they please? Maybe you would like to get into some after work activities such as a dance class or install those wall systems that have been on your list of to do’s for a while? Or you really need to get some new patio furniture, hire a  home staging professional to re-decorate and look at some swimming pools for your upcoming backyard party?

All of those seem so time consuming and quite a lot of money, but if you developed your very own business you would not have any of these problems.

Below I will give you six reasons why you should start your own business and live the life you have always wanted!

1. Job Security – Not too long ago it was said that starting your very own business was a little risky and the safest way to go was to get a job in a large firm, now a days it is complete opposite. Working for yourself you can take control over things and completely master your own destiny.

2. Freedom – Who wouldn’t love working for themselves? You get to choose when you work, how you work and who you work with. Plus you do not have to make the choice between family or business.

3. Flexibility – You could live in the boonies or in a large city, regardless you can easily run a fully competitive business from your very own computer.

4. Make More Money – There is a way greater opportunity for you to make money by creating your own business rather than working for someone else. If you have your own business than you write your own history, success stories, legacy and obviously your very own pay cheque.

5. Greater Impact – If you have your own business you will be more passionate about what you do at work.

6. Second Career – Many people cannot retire when it comes time to and it has been said that 78 million baby boomers realize they do not even want to retire, simply because they want to make a difference and reflect their values and identity that they never did before.

So, there you have it, six reasons why you should start your very own business. You can live the life you have always wanted, buy the things you need and actually love your job! Now go out there and start planning your business idea!

If you have a strong affection or talent for cosmetology you might want to consider opening up your very own beauty school  that may be perfect just for you. Depending on what type of cosmetology you would like to focus on you will obviously need a proper license to do so. In many different countries it varies on what licensing you will need and also how many hours that is demanded. To become a successful hair school you need to consider looking further into a hair school Vancouver, Toronto etc. to get an overall look and feel of how they operate and why they have become so successful. Just like any type of business, establishing a hair school can take a lot of hard work and can be sometimes stressful along with the capital and location you are choosing. Before considering opening a new business, you always need to do your research.

It Is That Time A Year Again, And Lenzr Wants To Make Your Holidays A Rememberable One

Christmas is less than one month a way and that means things start to get a little out of hand. Traffic becomes gruesome, people become inconsiderate and do not even get me started on the weather. That is why this holiday season Lenzr wants to put a smile on everyones face because they just launched two new contests this month that will run up until December 20th when the voting officialy begins. The winner of both of these contests will be announced right after the countdown has finished on January 1st. So, make sure when you get home from your celebrations to check out to see if you are the winner.

Bathing Belle Sponsors Canadian Beaches Photo Contest

When people from outside of Canada think about our country, they normally think of it as a cold place to travel with not many beaches, but as we know that is highly untrue. With that said, Canadian Beaches is the latest photo contest on Lenzr that hopes to inspire Canadians to capture the most ravishing water landscape you think can win this contest. Have you photographers traveled through to Muskoka or even BC this past summer? Show us your skills and you could have a chance to win THREE designer bathing suits in courtesy of a designer swimwear company located in Toronto.

Solarsoft Sponsors Broken Factories Photo Contest

In most cases when something is damaged, filthy or even not good enough anymore people get rid of it, but most of them do not think that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Which brings us to our next photo contest on Lenzr, Broken Factories, hopes to really put the famous quote together and make photographers put a beautiful masterpeice in place with worn down factories. On your way to work have you seen abandoned factories or travelling the streets have you come across a beat up building? Maybe this is your chance to win a Toshiba Netbook in courtesy of a ERP software company.

Be sure to check present and upcoming photo contests on the Lenzr blog.

Not only is Toronto Condos For Sale a professional business, but they have over ten years of experience with 400 extremely satisfied clients. This year there will be over 30,000 condos for sale that will have interest rates extremely low. If you are or you know of anyone that is looking to purchase a condo, this year will be the best and most exciting time to do so.

Business is a huge thing in a small town called Barrie and especially when it comes to Barrie events. The events are advertised in almost every single mall, store and website that makes Barrie have successful business.

To get your business out their advertise a little more.

Questions like these always get asked and have become a huge interest to most business owners. Like most companies now a days they have a website to generate more traffic and to get more clients to make more money. But, once the site is finished they never really seem to understand how to fully generate the traffic and end up having a failure of a website. To get the most out of your site the most important thing to do is try your hardest to get a page rank on Google and especially on page 1. In Toronto as most of you know their are over thousands and thousands of businesses, especially Toronto SEO companies that specialize in getting your site page 1 on Google.

For a couple of months now Lenzr has been doing some upgrades to the site and are proud to introduce to you a new voting system in September. Rather than being able to vote the first day the contest is live, you can only vote 10 days before the contest ends. Although members cannot vote, you are still allowed to submit your photographs for other members to view.

SMOjoe is happy to sponsor the Conflict photo contest

In school and especially in the work place, conflict can be a very popular subject especially for those who do not get along. With photography you can capture any type of Conflict and that is why Lenzr chose this as a photo contest next month. SMOjoe a social media marketing business will be rewarding the person with the highest ranked photograph a Blackberry Bold 9700*.

All Weather Roofing is proud to sponsor View From The Roof photo contest

Most businesses travel to different organizations or other company’s offices that tend to be fairly close to the roof top. View From The Roofwill let photographers experience different angles from the camera and being especially high will make for a perfect photo contest. Ontario’s flat roof and installation and repair service company is proud to give a way an Apple iPad for the person who wins the contest.

Solar Line is excited to sponsor Morning Sunshine photo contest

Camping this year in Canada has been extremely marvelous weather wise and for most people who have cottages – they have gone up more than five times. Being up North has always been a different atmosphere, but what most photographers enjoy are the Morning Sunshine and sunsets that take place mostly every day. Solar Line a company that build portable solar power generators will be rewarding the person with the highest ranked photograph an Apple iPad.

Eco Deck Builder contribute to Lenzr by sponsoring People Building Things photo contest

In everyone’s daily lives they expect to see numerous of people building things, anything from houses, tree forts or decks. Ontario’s deck building company is anxious for the winner of this contest, so they can reward them an Apple iPad for having the highest ranked People Building Things photo.

Each photo contest will end October 1st, 2010 at 12:01 AM.

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