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5 Vacation Spots That Scream For an Alarm Lock

Going on vacation is both fun and stressful. The process of getting ready to vacation is a part time job in and of itself! First of all, you have to take the time off work, arrange for the pets to be watched or taken care of and the house to be watched, and get ready to pack. Then packing, in and of itself, can be an ordeal. How many days are you staying? What are you planning to do? Should you bring all of your comforts, or stay nice and light? How are you getting to your vacation locale? Taking a plane is a dramatically different experience with different carrying requirements and travel times than going on a train, or taking a road trip. Once you get to your vacation spot, then all the stress must melt away, right? Sadly, that is often not the case. People on vacation have to worry about their goods being stolen and their time meant for leisure becoming an absolute nightmare. Forget any visions dancing in your head about criminals carefully planning a heist on your stash while you and your family slumber. Surprisingly, 90% of crimes are crimes of opportunity – the thief sees something that they think they can take, a lack of consequences, and they go for it. This means that the thieves you want to watch out for are cowards and can easily be scared off. Here’s where an alarm lock can become the star of your vacation hideout. This device looks like a regular padlock, but cutting it causes a piercing shriek that alerts security and terrifies any sneaky thieves. Read on for five popular vacation spots that your alarm lock can protect.

An alarm lock makes sure that any thief quickly loses their courage

Repel Thieves from Your RV with this Clever Device

Taking your RV out for a ride is a great way to go on a vacation with the whole family. Who needs a hotel or a campsite when you’ve got the comforts of a home on wheels? However, you’re going to be spending time outside of the RV, and this vehicle is likely to have things inside that a thief would find appealing, such as your spare cash, a cell phone, or a mp3 player. Putting an alarm lock on the door is a deterrent for anyone who things they can work their way inside your mobile home and grab your valuables. An RV can be safe, secure, and solid even when you’re out at a diner, visiting a museum, or just going on a walk.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream Without Worrying About Theft of Tampering

The best part about the river is carrying out a canoe or kayak and going exploring! Heading down lakes and rivers can make you feel invigorated, as well as being a great workout. If you’re not up for paddling your way through the water, a motorboat gives you the same experience without the sore muscles. You can also find places you’ve never seen before, and really commune with nature. That being said, bringing valuables with you can be risky without an alarm lock. With this piece of technology, you can dedicate your whole mind to enjoying a wonderful experience instead of sweating and worrying that you’re going to get robbed.

Bigger Boats like Houseboats and Yachts are the Perfect Spot for a Lock

Sometimes a little boat just isn’t enough to satisfy your nautical needs, and you need to go bigger. A large boat like a houseboat or even a yacht is a large financial cost – the thought of paying another hefty sum to get proper security on the boat is a painful one. Luckily, using an alarm lock or two on opportune places can do the job just fine. Any ambitious thief will set off the alarm and bring the dock security running.

Go Camping and Hiking with Peace of Mind

Maybe the sea just isn’t for you, and you prefer to explore the forest or climb up hiking trails. If that’s the case, then you’d probably have a blast settling down in a campsite or heading out on one of Ontario’s gorgeous trails. Campers are used to securing foodstuffs from curious bears and racoons. Take the time to scare off other campers who have their eye on your phone or camera by clamping an alarm lock down on your valuables. Once that’s done, you can go back to enjoying nature.

Biking and Cross Country Exploration Feels Better When You’re Safe and Sound

A campsite is fun to lots of people, but it’s a little crowded to others. These people like to stretch their legs and hop on a bike to explore the world. When you’re heading down trails (and blazing a few of your own), you don’t have time to worry about your belongings. An alarm lock takes care of that for you. Clamp it on your bike while you’re getting a bike to eat, or put it on your belongings to secure them while you explore. It’s up to you.

When you’re enjoying yourself on a vacation, you deserve to actually have peace of mind and a relaxing atmosphere. Constantly glancing over your shoulder and worrying about wily thieves is hardly conducive to that sort of feeling. Solve your problem and take control of undue anxiety by investing in an alarm lock. These handy dandy devices scare off the vast majority of thieves and bring local security and good Samaritans running. Enjoy the best parts of a vacation and erase the negative experience of vandalism and theft. The best part about this lock? You don’t need to haul an entire manual on vacation to figure it out. Snap it on and walk away, and you’re done. If you’re eyeing a vacation out on the trail or on the docks, make sure to pack this invention.


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